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“You fed your people with the food of angels, you gave them bread prepared from heaven . . . having in itself all delightfulness and adapted to every taste” (Wisdom 16:21).

The altar bread workshop of the monastery has been baking and selling hosts for over twenty years. This contemplative work, centered on the Eucharist, is particularly adapted to the cloistered way of life. It allows the nuns to have a tangible share in the Eucharistic ministry of the parishes and communities that we serve; these, in turn, thus support our lives of contemplative prayer.



Careful attention is given to each stage of the baking operation. No detail is overlooked. Only the finest ingredients are used and baking is done daily to guarantee freshness. Special consideration is given to packaging and handling to maintain a high level of purity. We offer altar breads in several different sizes and varieties (see the photos below), including all popular sizes of thin whole wheat and pure white hosts as well as thicker golden. A wide range of concelebration hosts, both scored and unscored, and special cut monstrance hosts in non-standard sizes, are also available. We provide standing order services, and a quick response to emergencies, if necessary.

Click here to view a March 2018 video, aired by NBC Boston and New England Cable News, reporting on our life of prayer and our Altar Bread work.

Click here to read an article published in the November 2015 edition of the Vermont Catholic magazine about our Altar Bread work.

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